C.C. Prexman’s Time Hat – The Critics

Often described as the worst science fiction writer of all time, C.C. Prexman was either a misunderstood genius or worthy of his reputation. To this day, many still debate whether his work had any literary value at all. His first (and only) published collection of short stories, Time Hat (1938), is mocked by many but some see its title tale as a chilling vision of a future that could have been. Watch out for it soon on WeTheMindthinkers.

In the meantime, enjoy some telling quotes from the critics at the time of the short story’s original release.

“A page-burner”

          Vernon Melons, LA Post

“I don’t think I understand, what’s a ‘time’ hat?”

          Clark Coleman, Science Fiction Weekly

“Who wrote this?!”

          Cynthia Remsmeyer, New York Gazette 

“Waste of ‘time'”

          Jack Britby, Earth To Earth Magazine

“Nonsense at best”

         Herbert Glout, Writes Of Passage Magazine

“The literary equivalent of a complete rectal examination”

         Pamela Jennings, Cincinnati Daily

“Either ahead of its time or the worst thing I’ve ever read”

         Brian Brians, SF Planet Monthly

“What’s with the talking dog?” 

         Hugo Freidrickson, Reader’s Digest 

Coming soon, only on WeTheMindThinkers.


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