The Red Moons Of NeOrion – Chapter II

“The Red Moons Of NeOrion” (1968)


a Norman L. Brisbane short story



“Ham, Lover”

Krepp entered Ham, his mate.

Their bodies now one, it all started to make sense. Krepp suddenly knew what he had to do and how to do it. Noticing Krepp’s shrinking interest, Ham looked up at him with concern.

–        “Where are you, Krepp?”

–        “I’m here.”

–        “No. Not all of you.”

–        “I’m sorry. It’s the moons…”

–        “Oh. Them…”

Ham enters Krepp.

–        “I’ll take your mind off those silly moons.” She said, her tentacles flapping from side to side.

–        “Don’t say that…”

–        “It’s true! And to think some people actually believe we need them…”

–        “Don’t…”

–        “Where’s the science behind that? That’s what I wanna know!”

–        “Please…”

–        “Give me any evidence that…”

Climaxing despite his efforts, Krepp snaps Ham’s neck.

“What has happened to us all?”, he thought, “Where are our values? Have we forgotten what the moons did for us? Giving us life, giving us light?”. As Krepp stood up, Ham’s lifeless body promptly pulled out of him and fell near the bed, the tentacles still flapping up and down. Looking out the window, Krepp could see the moons, the sound of the tentacles still resonating against the solid floor behind him.

P-loomf p-loomf…

P-loomf p-loomf…



He had nothing left. Only the moons.


Look out for Chapter III on Wednesday 22/08/12



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